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Wild Rose Scented Candle

by BUTLER - Online Shop

Regular price$79.00 Sale price

Wild Rose Scented Candle

by BUTLER - Online Shop

Regular price$79.00 Sale price
Mood uplifting and soothing scents that you will not want to miss.
Our all-time favourite scent! Wild roses have a rosy scent that is sweeter than others and gives you a warm and calm vibe from the moment you light it up.
Relax and unwind with our candle that brings calm and tranquility to your home.
Enjoy a warm, inviting ambiance with our premium line of scented candles.
Emit therapeutic fragrances into any space!

Key benefits

100% Natural Soy Wax

Premium Fragrance Oil

Cotton Core Wicks 

All of our scented candles are in a ceramic candle cup with our recyclable box packaging.

Each candle is carefully hand poured and batch by batch.

100% Recyclable Paper

Ceramic Candle Jar

Natural hand poured (160 grams)

To ensure longevity, make sure that the candle’s wick is trimmed to ¼" before each new burn or once the candle has cooled. 

Allow the wax to melt around the edges of the jar during each burn, before getting rid of the flame.

Burning hours up to 40 hours.

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