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Wild Bluebell - Signature Series Reed Diffuser

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Wild Bluebell - Signature Series Reed Diffuser

Wild BlueBell
Experience our Luxurious Wild BlueBell Scented Diffuser, crafted with premium high-grade essential oils and environmentally friendly reed sticks.

Wild Bluebell diffuser offers a delightful fragrance that is both floral and soothing. It captures the essence of blooming bluebells, creating a serene and refreshing scent that fills the room. The aroma is sweet and enchanting, evoking a sense of tranquility and natural beauty.

Guide to use:
Insert the reeds into the diffuser bottle to allow the gentle absorption of the essential oils.  
After 1 minute, flip the reeds to enhance the diffusion of the captivating scent. Each bottle contains 150ml of fragrance.

Recommended area for placement include:
Residential: Bathroom, Bedroom, Working desk and Living Room
Office spaces: Working desk, Storage room and Bathroom.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Favourite reed diffuser from Butlershop!

I love the Wild Blue Bell scent! It's a really interesting floral scent that wakes me up every morning and feels like I'm getting pampered. I would definitely recommend it to anyone:)

Fresh scent for my home

the fresh scent of the wild bluebell is really refreshing and my family liked it

Happy with the quality of scent!

I love the scent of the wild bluebell diffuser. it helped make my home more welcoming and fresh. 5/5

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