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Luxurious Tencel Bedding Set

3 reviews
Color: Midnight Blue

Luxurious Tencel Bedding Set

Our all-time customer’s favourite tencel beddings are made from a natural fibre that offers a soft and smooth texture. Try stretching across your bed as you feel the cool sheets against your body, allowing you to relax and unwind the moment you lie on bed. They can help you get a good night’s sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised. What’s even better is that they’re made from sustainably sourced materials and are hypoallergenic, making them a great choice for everyone and anyone!

It comes with 1 fitted sheet, 1 duvet cover, and 2 pillowcases.

Take note: For Pandora Set, the pillowcases is in aesthetic design with one line white stripes each side and the colour of the sheets is the same shade as Midnight Blue.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Many thanks to BUTLER SHOP

Was looking for a bedding set for my son who has sensitive skin and my friend recommended me this. Decided to give it a try and oh my gosh it is worth every penny because he is finally able to sleep peacefully without having to worry about the itchiness or the rash it gives him the next morning. The surface is also smooth, soft and cool to touch so it doesn't irritate his skin. Superb!


Super soft and comfortable, glad that I invested in such good quality material bedding set and I love it so much! Always can't wait to go home and lie in bed for a good rest after work!

Highly recommend, Thanks Butlershop!

Highly recommended! Thanks Butlershop!
I've been a customer of Butler for years and have always been happy with their services.
And so I was excited to hear that they had launched a home living department. I recently bought a few products to test and it is amazing. One of my favourite would be the diffusers and bedsheets!
The quality is great and the prices are unbeatable. I highly recommend Butler/Butler Shop for all your home living needs.

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