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Holiday Season Exclusive - Limited Edition Wild Safari Dinner Plate

by BUTLER Shop

Regular price$129.00 Sale price

Holiday Season Exclusive - Limited Edition Wild Safari Dinner Plate

by BUTLER Shop

Regular price$129.00 Sale price

Specially designed in-house and inspired by wild animals. 

Made with Premium High Grade Fine Bone China.

Humans have used animals as symbols since the dawn of time. After all, they are the closest living beings that link us to nature. Forests and wildlife are interdependent in the environment. 
Animals are representations of various aspects of life. They represent freedom, strength, curiosity, independence and beauty.

This plate goes through a highly unique production process with environmentally friendly material to ensure food safety.

NOW AVAILABLE: Holiday Season Exclusive Limited Edition Safari Wild Animals Dinner Plate.

Shipping is expected to be delivered at the end of November 2021.

*Actual colour may differ from illustration. 


Key benefits

High-grade bone china tableware with animal bone charcoal, clay, feldspar and quartz as the basic raw materials.

After 1280 °C high temperature and low temperature glaze firing two firing, and high temperature moulding.

Production process:

Raw material mixing, mud, molding, firing, glazing, burning, decal, firing and packaging.

The content of natural bovine bone powder is as high as 43%, which belongs to high-grade bone china.

The finished product is light in texture, fine and hard (twice as hard as daily porcelain), and not easy to wear and tear.

It has moderate light transmission, heat preservation, color into natural bone powder unique natural milk white.

Lead-free, environmentally friendly material to ensure food safety.

Identification method

Colour: The more bone powder, the more high-grade bone porcelain, bone porcelain colour will tend to milk white.

Permeability: The permeability of light. The higher the content of bone meal, the stronger the light transmittance.

Sound: Beat with porcelain spoon or finger flick, the sound is clear and loud, similar to bell, lingering sound is winding.

Bovine bone consists of 43% cow bone.

If there are scratches on the surface, you can gently polish them with toothpaste. Usually with wet cloth or hand cleaning, should pay attention to intensity, not too much, avoid scratching porcelain.

When there is oil pollution, clean with warm water below 80 °C. If there are tea stains, can be used lemon juice or vinegar cleaning.

Use detergent if necessary. PH must be between 11-11.5.

Do not heat bone china tableware directly immersed in cold water, so as not to rapidly change the temperature and damage porcelain.

Do not put it in the microwave oven to heat. It will corrode. Dishwashers and disinfecting cabinets are no problem.

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