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English Pear and Freesia - Scented Candle

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English Pear and Freesia - Scented Candle

English Pear & Freesia: A refreshing and uplifting scent.

The sensuous freshness of the ripe pear with the luscious freesia is truly a luxurious scent. One of our best sellers and all-time favourite scent!
Main Ingredients:
100% Natural Soy Wax
A Blend Of Essentials Oil - Ripe Pear, White Freesia and Patchouli
Cotton Core Wicks
Free of preservatives, paraben and chemicals. Burns for up to 40 hours.

Our Premium Scented Candles are made from ingredients that are at its highest levels of quality and naturality. They burn longer and cleaner than most other candles, which explains why you can smell its finest aromatics when one of these is lit up. Its authentic, soothing and soulful aroma can help to give you inner peace, uplift the mood and exude a positive ambience. Relax and unwind with our candle that brings calm and tranquility to your home today! 

Available in three amazing scents: English Pear & Freesia, Lime & Mandarin and Wild Rose.

Ready to enjoy a warm, inviting ambience with our premium line of scented candles?

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Premium quality candles!

    Indeed a premium candle made with quality ingredients, definitely worth the buy. Love it when I am surrounded with a pleasant aroma in the comfort of my home while reading a book and drinking my coffee on a weekend morning. Thanks BUTLERSHOP for making my morning so wonderful!

    Smelling good!

    How can this smell so good?! It makes me wanna stay at home 24/7 because the scent really do boost my energy level and keeps me going whenever I'm having a bad day at work. A super refreshing candle that is worth another purchase for sure!

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