We take pleasure in offering a corporate service that tailors packages that express the highest form of gratitude to colleagues and clients, through the gift of aromatic skin, hair and body care.
Our wide range of gift kits ensure a suite of products to suit almost any recipient, from the jet-setter, to the work-weary client, to someone in need of a special kind of gifting gesture with our thoughtful Office Kits—available exclusively through our Corporate Gift Service.
As well as sparing you the tedium of shopping, we can advise on gifts appropriate to individual recipients, and deliver to your nominated doorstep.
Our knowledgeable staff are pleased to offer detailed advice about our range of skin, hair and body products and to assist you with selections.


All prices indicated in the brochure are retail prices. Reductions are available depending on the volume of the order.


We offer complimentary delivery to your chosen address.

Corporate Shopping Events

Should you desire, an in-house shopping event can be held at your office or another convenient location. Our full range is displayed, with BUTLER Singapore consultants on hand to assist with selections and to answer any questions your colleagues and clients may have. During these events, a corporate reduction is extended to all customers.
Once you have made selections, we ask that you complete our Corporate Gifts Enquiry form so we can thoroughly assess your request and estimate any applicable reduction. We endeavour to respond to all enquiries within two business days, and thank you in advance for your patience.