A Part of BUTLER

You may have heard of BUTLER, Singapore's finest asset management, property, and lifestyle management group. Having serviced over 2000+ customers and over 4,000,000 servicing hours at some of Singapore's most luxurious homes, we know exactly what you will need to elevate your lifestyle within your home. Since our beginning at BUTLER, we have made delivering excellence the heart of everything we do to provide the finest experience and convenience for you.



Butler Home Essentials are an extension of our services to provide you premium products designed to elevate your lifestyle. We strive to become your one stop shop for a range of exquisite and premium home complements. All our products are specially selected by our experienced Butlers and imported internationally to ensure the finest quality.


Our Scented Candles Collection

Elevate your mood at BUTLER Home Essentials with our all natural, handcrafted scented candles designed to bring a luxurious and soothing scent to any premises. Available in 3 alluring scents: English Pear and Freesia, Lime and Mandarin & Wild Rose. Enjoy a cozy evening at home kindled with the rich, warm scents of our scented candles.




Our Bedsheet Collections

Indulge yourself with our premium selection of luxurious bedsheet set, made with Lenzing TENCEL™ Austrian Fabric. There is nothing quite like tucking into a set of luxurious bedsheets designed for maximum comfortable after a long day. Get a 5-star hotel experience right in your home with our luxurious bedsheet sets today.