BUTLER SHOP is an exclusive luxury brand under BUTLER, dedicated to offering the finest quality lifestyle and living products, meticulously researched and uniquely designed in Singapore.

Our brand's journey began in late 2019, when we noticed that many of our loyal customers were dissatisfied with the quality and affordability of bedsheets available in the market. They found the bedsheets either too expensive or lacking in quality. This realization inspired us to create a line of luxurious home living products at an affordable price range. With determination, we searched for a reliable and reputable factory and collaborated closely with them to curate high-quality home and living products.

Over time, our clients shared valuable feedback, expressing their desire for more unique and exclusive design curated products for their homes. This prompted us to expand our product range, and today, BUTLER SHOP offers a wide selection of premium products.

At BUTLER SHOP, our mission is to curate and deliver more luxurious quality  products that elevate the lifestyle and living experiences of our valued customers. All our products are thoughtfully designed by our in-house team, giving each collection a limited edition, luxurious, and exclusive appeal.

Each product in our collection has a story to tell, making it more than just a piece, but a meaningful addition to your home.