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English Pear and Freesia - Signature Series Reed Diffuser

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English Pear and Freesia - Signature Series Reed Diffuser

English Pear and Freesia
Experience our Luxurious English Pear and Freesia Scented Diffuser, crafted with premium high-grade essential oils and environmentally friendly reed sticks.

English Pear and Freesia diffuser exudes a captivating fragrance that combines the crispness of ripe pears with the delicate sweetness of white freesia flowers. The scent is fresh, fruity, and floral, creating a harmonious and uplifting ambiance in any space. It evokes the essence of an English garden, with its invigorating and charming aroma.

Guide to use:
Insert the reeds into the diffuser bottle to allow the gentle absorption of the essential oils.  
After 1 minute, flip the reeds to enhance the diffusion of the captivating scent. Each bottle contains 150ml of fragrance.

Recommended area for placement include:
Residential: Bathroom, Bedroom, Working desk and Living Room
Office spaces: Working desk, Storage room and Bathroom.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jolene Tan
A classic piece must have at my house!

I was introduced to this brand from a colleague of mine as she is raving about their products. Made my first purchase last Thursday since they are running a mid-year sale right now (no regrets in getting them)

received my order within 2 days and all I can say is that your inhouse brand diffusers smells so  amazing!! 
I bought 4 different scents of diffusers to try and a set of their aesthetically pleasing plates! My Husband and I are very satisfied with the quality of the products! We look forward to see whats more!  

The open house today is a great opportunity to check out all of their amazing scents

I love the english pear and freesia scent! I didn't know that it was such a popular scent until I came here. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, and they helped me pick out the perfect scent for me. The prices are very reasonable, and I would definitely recommend this store to anyone looking for a great fragrance.

Thanks again!

Candyce Toh
New brand to love!

I love the English Pear and Freesia and Bergamot Lime reed diffuser! The smell is amazing and it lasts for a long time. I always purchase diffusers from outside but I will be purchasing from here from now on. Moreover, the price is reasonable and the product is high quality.

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