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Bergamot Lime - Signature Series Reed Diffuser

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$103.00 CAD

Bergamot Lime - Signature Series Reed Diffuser

Bergamot Lime 
Experience our Luxurious Bergamot Lime Scented Diffuser, crafted with premium high-grade essential oils and environmentally friendly reed sticks.

Bergamot Lime diffuser offers an invigorating and refreshing scent that combines the zesty citrus notes of bergamot with the vibrant and tangy aroma of lime. The fragrance is bright, uplifting, and energizing, creating a lively and revitalizing atmosphere in any room. It provides a perfect balance between the crispness of bergamot and the invigorating citrus essence of lime, resulting in a delightful and aromatic experience.

Guide to use:
Insert the reeds into the diffuser bottle to allow the gentle absorption of the essential oils.  
After 1 minute, flip the reeds to enhance the diffusion of the captivating scent. Each bottle contains 150ml of fragrance.

Recommended area for placement include:
Residential: Bathroom, Bedroom, Working desk and Living Room
Office spaces: Working desk, Storage room and Bathroom.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Another brand of quality scents!

Previously received this as a gift from my friend and I was very impressed that it smells super!
Very good quality product that can be compared with big brands and delivery is prompt! I receive it the next working day. Thanks! 

Kathy. YTT
Thank you BUTLER Shop!

I was really excited when I received the invitation to showcase BUTLER's home living products. The quality of the materials is impressive - everything is made with high-quality materials. (tested and touched everything)!
the products are also designed with a modern aesthetic, which I love. I highly recommend BUTLERShop home living products to anyone looking for high-quality, exclusive designed home products!

Tiff Tiffany
My office uses this diffusers and I bought it for my own as well!

My office uses this and I am attract by the lovely scents! EspeciallyI Bergamot Lime scent! I bought two bottles for my own home and I'm very happy with the purchased!

Kaddy Yeo
Thank you for the invite ButlerShop!

We visited ButlerShop pop up warehouse today and instantly fell in love with their Reed Diffusers! It's such a nice, refreshing smell that I can't get enough of, especially this. That I bag home, 7 diffusers haha.
I'm so glad that I was invited to check out their space and see what they're all about. Everything about this company seems so positive, from their products to their customer service. I definitely recommend giving them a try!

Dr. Doreen
Highly recommended! Thanks Butlershop!

I've been a customer of Butler for years and have always been happy with their services.
And so I was excited to hear that they had launched a home living department. I recently bought a few products to test and it is amazing. One of my favourite would be the diffusers and bedsheets!
The quality is great and the prices are unbeatable. I highly recommend Butler/Butler Shop for all your home living needs.

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