A Guide To Reed Diffusers

Many of us may not realise the importance of our sense of smell and often take it for granted. But do you know that our sense of smell is actually strongly correlated to the emotions that we feel and the memories that suddenly pop up in our minds?

Our sense of smell is indeed a powerful trigger that can prompt us to react differently based on the various fragrances in our surroundings. Certain smells alert us to dangers, such as smoke that warns of a potential fire or foul smells that may be caused by rotten food and hence, needs to be thrown away.

On the other hand, pleasant smells can evoke feelings of calmness and relaxation to reduce your tension and stress, making it easier for you to fall asleep so you can have adequate rest to prepare for the next day.

The scent of your home is an essential aspect of your overall wellbeing, comfort and quality of living. The right home scent enables you to express your individuality while creating a space that suits your lifestyle, needs and aspirations. By knowing how you can take control of your home fragrance, you can create a living space that encapsulates a relaxing and safe atmosphere, one where you can really call home, home.

What exactly are reed diffusers and how do they work?

Reed diffusers basically consists of three components: A narrow-neck jar or bottle which is usually made of glass, a set of reed sticks and the essential oil. They are a wonderful alternative to candles without the use of open flame to achieve a consistent fragrant aroma. It allows you to relax and distress as well as pleasantly scent your home or office environment without the need to constantly light up any candles or worry about your house getting caught in flames.

Reed diffusers work in a very simple and effective way. You can start using it by inserting the reeds into the diffuser bottle to allow slight absorption of the essential oils. Flip the reed over after 1 minute and leave it in place so the blended oils can be better absorbed up the length of the reed and be diffused into the air. Each bottle typically weighs about 100ml to 150ml and can last up to 3months months. It is recommended to flip the reed sticks every 7–10 hours to achieve a stronger scent.

Where should you place the reed diffusers?

We all want our diffusers to last as long as possible because we are just so in love with them and we can never seem to get enough of it. Especially if you’re anticipating house guests for a special occasion, it is only natural that you want to impress and make them feel comfortable throughout their stay. Nobody likes being welcomed in a musty and stale environment, do we?

So, knowing where exactly to place these reed diffusers and how to take care of them is very important to ensure we get the most out of it.

Reed diffusers are perfect for areas with high traffic flow and good air circulation. This includes the bathroom, kitchen, hallways and any other interior doorways that you, your family members or even your guests would most commonly find themselves in.

However, you should avoid placing it near any air conditioning units, near a door or by the side of the window as this will lead the fragrance out of the house and eventually lose its purpose. It is also advisable not to place the diffusers under direct sunlight as the oils might evaporate at a faster rate and before you know it, you might just be left with less than half a jar of fragrance. 

Why are reed diffusers so popular?

There is no doubt that reed diffusers have become an increasingly popular choice among consumers in recent years as a way to fragrance their homes. There are so many perks about using a reed diffuser – they don’t consume electricity, are eco-friendly as they’re often made with natural or recycled materials and most importantly, they are easy to use and require minimal maintenance effort. Unlike candles, reed diffusers can be left unattended without worrying about the risk of your house going up in flames.

Besides these, reed diffusers are a great way to enhance your living space with a beautiful, long-lasting scent which gives the room a subtle yet luxurious lift to your senses. Other filling than being a wonderful decorative piece and those empty spaces in your homes, reed diffusers also make an ideal and thoughtful gift to the loved ones you treasure. With all the convenience reed diffusers bring to us, it is no wonder why they are so popular with consumers these days.

Are reed diffusers beneficial for your health?

Essential oils used in the reed diffusers are a great way to promote overall wellness. They don’t just contribute to the fragrant aroma in your room, the essential oils present in the diffuser also bring about many positive benefits to your physical and mental health.

For example, essential oils containing grapefruit, orange and lemon can give a boost in your energy levels to help you feel more refresh and productive while reducing feelings of fatigue. And if you’re lacking sleep or having insomnia due to high levels of stress from work, dispensing essential oils containing lavender, chamomile or bergamot into the air in your bedroom can help create a restful and uninterrupted sleep as they’re abundant in linalool and linalyl acetate – compounds that have been proven to induce relaxing properties which helps us to fall asleep easily.

And of course, compared to scented candles, reed diffusers are definitely a better alternative if you’re concern about your health and safety. Since reed diffusers do no require open flames, they don’t produce soot, toxins and other harmful chemicals that is not good for your body in the long run.

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